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Performance at Mica Moca Project Berlin | September 9, 2011

In PhRasen der Dressur – Heilsversprechungen ptII wilde pferde are questioning: How one creates believe and one believes the creation? Which promises of salvation follows individual behavior? Does behavior needs a rhythm to become a rite? How much fiction includes a fomular? And do promises of salvation create realities?
PhRasen der Dressur – Heilsversprechungen ptII is an investigation of movement in daily life, the small gestures, which point to wider context.

PhRasen der Dressur – Heilsversprechungen ptII is the logical continuation of PhRasen der Dressur – Eine Herde findet ihren Weg from 2010: “In our collective work we found out that every form of disciplinary action is based on a promise of salvation. Hope, redemption, success – these are, in whatever form for the individual, the driving forces which form present and future according to a certain plan”, declare Miriam Welk and Juliane Meckert of wilde pferde (wild horses).

wilde pferde approach these questions in ways of vision, acoustics, dancing, throughout the borders of individual genres. Their performance unifies contemporary dance with acting, sound art, stage and costume design and creates multilayered aesthetics. Wild they are, free and sometimes disruptive. “The wildness forces you to change perspective, to broaden your horizon.” And why horses? “Horses are sensitive gregarious animals but still have individual characters. They symbolize freedom and autonomy. Human culture is unthinkable without them. But – wild horses are an endangered species.” PhRasen der Dressur – Heilsversprechungen ptII invites the viewer to become “circus visitor” and inmate in a “panoptic system” at the same time. The viewer’s own expectations are being analyzed and questioned.

concept: wilde pferde
dance/play: Cindy Hammer, Diana Zolotarova, Juliane Meckert, Miriam Welk
music: Stephanie Krah, Till Giermann, Clemens Wegener, Fabian Russ
costumes: Sigrid Rotzler
scientific research: Thomas Drerup, Juliane Meckert

PhRasen der Dressur – Heilsversprechungen ptII produced in cooperation with Festpielhaus Hellerau (Dresden, Germany), TanzNetzDresden, Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen and Hotel Pupik – artists in residence (St. Lorenzen, Austria).